Are Psychotropic Meds Overprescribed for Teens?

Are Psychotropic Meds Overprescribed for Teens?Dr. Carrot

Parents who need to resort to prescription medication for the treatment of their child’s mental illness sometimes question their decision. This recent study by the National Institute of Mental Health should help them feel a bit better about their choices.  It concludes that psychotropic medications are not being oversubscribed for teenagers, as some media stories had reported.

The three groups most likely to be prescribed these medications were teens with ADHD, eating disorders or anxiety disorders. The report also suggested that youth being treated by a mental health professional were more likely to receive appropriate care than those being treated within general medicine or other facilities.

One response to “Are Psychotropic Meds Overprescribed for Teens?

  1. When telling family members of my son’s diagnosis, many people responded with, that’s ridiculous, doctors and teachers just want all kids on drugs so they are easier to deal with. My son’s medication has helped him so much. The voices have quieted, his mind is no longer racing, he can sleep at night. Finally, he is receiving the help he needs. These meds may have saved not only his life, but mine as well. Lets try to take the stigma away from these illnesses and the help that patients can receive.

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