Self Care During the Holidays: Is It Possible?


Well, we’d like to think it is!

We had such a wonderful weekend last month with the parents who attended PCLG’s first Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) session.  We thought we’d share a few ideas for extending those wellness tools into the current holiday season.

 Give yourself permission to take time for yourself – take a warm bath or shower, rest, read, stretch and relax your neck and shoulders,

Do something for your health – get a flu shot, have your vitamin D levels checked, go to bed early some nights, and/or get some sunshine if you can

Make a connection – catch up with an old friend, attend a party or sing along, get together with others for a holiday meal, learn about holiday traditions from another culture, write an old-fashioned letter or card to a friend

Do something for someone else – help a friend, help at a charity activity, give to a good cause

Engage in mindfulness activities – create, meditate, listen to music, hang out with a pet

Check something off your list (but only if it makes you feel better!)– I like to cheat and write down something I’ve already done and then check it off.

 Allow time for reflection – consider positive things that happened this past year, things you are grateful for, or aspirations you might have for next year.

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