You know your own child better than anybody else. If you think something doesn’t seem right about your child, seek help.

Some examples of troubling behaviors are:

  •  Constant worry or anxiety
  •  Ongoing nightmares
  •  Persistent aggressiveness or temper tantrums
  •  Sadness, hopelessness or frequent crying
  •  Rapid mood swings
  •  Persistent refusal to go to school
  •  Marked changes in sleeping or eating
  •  Signs of tobacco, alcohol or drug use

To learn more about behavior you should be concerned about, go to NAMI

What can I do?

Talk to your child’s pediatrician or call a mental health provider and ask for a Diagnostic Assessment.  If you have difficulty requesting mental health services for your child, you can call Hennepin County Front Door Screening at (612) 348-4111.  Free or Sliding Fee Scale Clinics

Young Children

If your child is not yet in kindergarten, you can also call Help Me Grow to request an early childhood developmental screening.  In Hennepin County, call 612-348-TOTS.

School-Aged Children and Youth

If your child is school-aged, some schools have mental health professionals or clinics housed in the building who could work with you to evaluate your child.

 Hennepin County Community Resources

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